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You will be guided to a complete and free Astrology Birth Chart Report. Write your name, date of birth, time of birth, and city where you were born.

The Birth Chart (or Natal Chart) shows the correct position of the signs of the zodiac and also of the stars in relation to the Earth at birth. The result of the Astral Map is a virtually unique fingerprint.

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How to understand the result?

Sun: position and description of your solar sign: your life and how to recharge your energies;

Ascendant: for you to know how to stand out in the world with your personal style;

Moon: studies his affective and emotional formation;

Mercury: dedicated to the use of his intelligence and learning ability;

Venus: studies relationships, what attracts you to the other person and what others do to feel attracted to you;

Mars: dedicated to strength for achievements and struggles;

Jupiter: the ideals that move you in your goals, you will learn to trust in yourself and open yourself to the gifts that life offers;

Lunar Nodes: study and alert what you bring and what you came to accomplish in life;

Planetary aspects demonstrate how the stars on your chart talk to each other, with tips for obstacles in life.