Advantages of buying a small apartment

Reduced cost, ease of furnishing and less spending on renovations and maintenance are benefits

Many people dream of a large home, preferably with an outdoor area and more than one floor. But, the fact is that more and more compact apartments are stealing the spotlight in the civil construction sector and also in the real estate market. This is no accident, smaller properties have their charms and benefits.

Reduced purchase value

Here is one of the biggest advantages of buying a small apartment! They are cheaper. When purchased in cash, the savings are even greater, but even financed, they are cheaper. Smaller properties are synonymous with smaller plots. Think about it!

Small Apartment

Lower cost to furnish

For obvious reasons, furnishing a small apartment is a simpler and cheaper task. With good taste and willingness to research, it is possible to decorate and equip the apartment with quality pieces, without weighing on your pocket and in a faster way. Larger houses usually demand a greater amount of furniture. Otherwise, you get the feeling that the environment is empty, which is not a problem in the smaller apartment.

Easier to clean and organize

There is no denying that another great benefit of smaller apartments is the practicality when organizing and cleaning the property. Both for those who outsource the processes (desensitization, cleaning), and for those who take care of the cleaning and organization of the environment alone. A small apartment requires less investment of time and money. In addition, homeowners only invest in necessary items, as excesses easily turn into a mess.

Maintenance costs are lower

Maintaining a small apartment involves less money. Proof of this is that the smaller the house, the lower the expenses with water and electricity bills. Repair and renovation costs (painting, lining, floor replacement) also tend to be cheaper when the footage is reduced. Another important detail is that the size of the property influences its market value and, consequently, its taxation.

Ease of reselling or renting

Small properties are easy to resell and rent, so much so that one-bedroom apartments are preferred by investors. However, two-bedroom properties continue to be the most sought after by Brazilians in general, as this type of property suits the needs of this consumer, both from a convenience and financial point of view.

Alia good location with affordable price

One of the most important aspects in the valuation and quality of a property is the location. It is very important to assess the infrastructure of the neighborhood, how security is, which bus lines pass in the place, which commercial establishments are open in the region and so on. When a neighborhood has a high standard, the value of the property tends to be higher. But today, construction companies are aware of the current consumer profile and it is already possible to buy a well located apartment at an affordable price, as long as the buyer is willing to live in a small property.

Did you like the perks? Would you live in a small apartment? Using common sense and wisdom to take advantage of space, living in a smaller and more cozy place can be a very nice experience. And you, what do you think? Share with us your opinion.

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